Don Jacobsen

… writes a weekly blog for the website. HOPE is an acronym for Houses Of Prayer Everywhere. With nearly 10,000 monthly visitors, and countless requests to republish his blogs in print form, this book brings together some of Don’s best essays on what happens when we pray together. Whether you’re seeking a spark for your next sermon idea, or looking to reignite your church through the power of prayer, this book will encourage and inspire you.

Don Jacobsen is husband to Ruthie, father of two adult sons and grandpa to two adult granddaughters. He is also a five-time great grandfather. Don is an educator, clergyman, and a humorous, high energy, much sought-after speaker, having spoken in most of the states throughout the US, across Canada, and in scores of international venues.

He holds a BA degree from Walla Walla University and an earned doctorate from Howard University in Washington, DC, and has taught on college and university campuses in the DC-area as well as in Michigan, Ohio, and Singapore.

Don’s third book, Rare Kids; Well Done, dealing with the development of moral values in children, was released in 2011. He has written scores of articles for educational and religious journals, writes a monthly column for a Christian journal in the Midwest and a syndicated weekly newspaper column that is popular with parents across the nation.

So what does Don know about Church and Prayer? A Lot.


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