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More and more Christian leaders are sensing that the pundit who called our era the Evangelical Recession was on to something. Half-empty churches, glacial growth, declining resources… symptoms of a languishing church, precursors of a frightening spiritual drought. This bus obviously isn’t going anywhere except it travel on supernatural wheels. Could this be why the Designer of the Christian faith said He wanted His church to be called a House of Prayer?

The deep brokenness of our families, our culture, our communities will not be healed by better methods or more sophisticated marketing. Only as God anoints who we are and what we do will we move from institution to movement, farce to force. That anointing He has chosen to distribute only in response to the intense intercession of His church.

But how do we change the emphasis from what we have come to accept to what we ought to expect? This 96-page book can help. Dr. Jacobsen is an experienced pastoral practitioner who is also a visionary observer. He is candid about what he sees that isn’t working in today’s Christian church, and optimistic about transformational options.

You won’t agree with everything he writes, you won’t like some of what you read, but you’ll discover that he never raises a sticky issue for which he doesn’t also suggest a practical and doable strategy. Most of them will be built around corporate knee-time. And remember, this isn’t a book about praying, this a book about seeing your church move to a growing, effective, prayer-saturated, city-impacting congregation.


Okay, All Together Now!



Don Jacobsen

… writes a weekly blog for the HOPE-heals.org website. HOPE is an acronym for Houses Of Prayer Everywhere. With nearly 10,000 monthly visitors, and countless requests to republish his blogs in print form, this book brings together some of Don’s best essays on what happens when we pray together. Whether you’re seeking a spark for your next sermon idea, or looking to reignite your church through the power of prayer, this book will encourage and inspire you.



He holds a BA degree from Walla Walla University and an earned doctorate from Howard University in Washington, DC, and has taught on college and university campuses in the DC-area as well as in Michigan, Ohio, and Singapore.

Don is an educator, clergyman, and a humorous, high energy, much sought-after speaker, having spoken in most of the states throughout the US, across Canada, and in scores of international venues.

So what does Don know about Church and Prayer? A Lot.





“This came to me here in Dubai at just the right
moment. I’m falling to my knees.” GS

“As I read your essay, my pulse quickened,
and now I feel the excitement of success for
God. One feature of your composition is that
it begins quietly with the narrative and then
builds through the ‘what if’s.’ I feel called to
pray and talk with Jesus more often
and more pointedly…” DM

“What a beautiful article! Communicates so
effectively a picture of what a ‘house of prayer’
church looks like!” DL

“I love these and forward lots of them. Keep
up this Spirit-filled ministry. Warm personal
regards.” EB

“Today another of your beautiful messages
arrived in my inbox in New Zealand. Thank
you! Your messages always inspire me and I
often use them in my Bible teaching. Today’s
message was particularly pertinent
for me… Thank you again.” PR

“You give me much hope. Thank you for the
encouragement.” FL

“AMEN! What a message. Thank you.” MC

“I wish to express how blessed I am by the
columns God continues to give to you to share
with us. I hope you keep them coming!” RW

“Powerful! Thought provoking!” DL

“How I appreciate your faithfulness in encouraging
our team every week. Some really good
things to think about.” ME

“What a lovely, wonderful story!! Thanks for
sharing!!” DR

“Special thanks for this encouraging devotional
message.” MF

“You amaze me with the good stuff you keep
writing.” OTN

“I am of a small church in Finland. Thank you
for the help you provide for us.” BF


Okay, All Together Now!

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